The little things

August 6, 2010
Sometimes it's the little things that make it all better.

Today we visited our most favourite place in Spokane - the Lincoln Heights Veterinary clinic. 

 Yes, we love these people. 
Not only do we know them all by first name, and they, us, but Numi is expertly taken care of with lots of puppy-lovin' attention. 
And since they were our first batch of friends in Spokane, they have special little nook in our hearts. 
However regardless of our attachment, going back today for the 20th time (no exaggeration here) to deal with a newly developed and rather nasty ear infection was just a bit too much. 
{Learning experience: apparently when one has to wear an Elizibethian collar for 3 weeks straight, ones ears tend to not. like. it. AT. ALL. }

I wish you, dear reader, could have seen Numi at the clinic: it took 2 burly vet nurses and one large German doctor to hold him down - - to put ear drops in his right ear. Yes, ear drops. Now when he was impaled on the rusty iron pole a few weeks ago - not a peep. Not even a whimper.  
Such a baby

Homesickness has a way of setting in during times like these.
But there are reminders of happy wonderful things all around us. 
So I decided to take a trip to Huckleberry's and pick up some ingredients for Barbecue Chicken Salad. What's better than a good Pacific Northwest Ale and a homemade barbecue chicken salad?
And blackberry frozen yogurt for dessert?
And why don't we dine out on the lawn? 
It's the little things in life. 

Recipe and photos after the jump...

Summertime BBQ Chicken Salad 


Red Leaf Lettuce

Shredded Carrots
Chopped Avocado
Diced Cherry Tomatoes
Shredded Purple Cabbage
Grilled Corn
Black Beans
Diced BBQ Chicken 

Stubb's BBQ Sauce with a bit of Ranch - shake to combine.

Assemble salad! 


  1. YUM! (The dinner, not the ear drops).

  2. Look at you two drinking pacific northwest ales - and to think it all started with a bottle of Blue Moon at the Hoskings.

  3. We're getting to know our local vet very, very well too! Now we're having to pin Lilly down every morning to squirt 9 ccs of wormer into her mouth. She's not a fan.

    Hope Numi feels better!