Invitation Tutorial

August 26, 2010

I am getting so excited...La Lune Events is hosting a Harvest Celebration in September up in Hayden, Idaho...and Alisa and I have been busy planning and gathering pieces for decor, and finalizing the menu. Guests will dine on an al fresco menu straight from Alisa's garden - think pesto, beet & goat cheese salad, roasted vegetable, raw kale some pasta yumminess, fresh baked bread, and individual home-baked pies in short little mason jars. With a guestlist of about 30, we are going to be busy!!

Yesterday we finalized and sent out our invitations. Yikes, it felt like these suckers did not want to be sent out. One thing after another...but finally they came together, and look pretty good if I do say so myself! They were actually pretty easy, so I thought I'd put together a little tutorial for those of you who like to throw parties and make your own invites. 

Check them out after the jump!

Harvest Celebration Invites - makes 12 
Materials Needed:
6 sheets of cardstock (colored or not - you preference. We found a great textured ivory cardstock that was earthy enough for our outdoor party.) 
12 Envelopes (standard greeting card size)
Paper cutter or scissors
Set of Alphabet Stamps
Ink pad
Burlap string, twine, etc. 
Computer / Printer

I started out by designing our invite in photoshop - and saved it as a jpeg. Make sure the pixels are high enough, or else you'll have blurry text. 
I then opened a word document and created two columns. I inserted the jpeg in each column, made sure they were centered, and then fed each individual sheet of cardstock through the printer.

 Then size down each invite to your preferred size. We ended up going more tall and skinny rather than short and wide, but any size is fine as long as it fits in the envelope. 

Once they are cut to size, flip them over and pull out your stamp set. For this event, as it's a harvest themed dinner party, we stamped 'EAT' in the bottom right hand corner. We chose an earthy green ink, and it had just the right rustic touch. 

Now you're almost done - but we decided to tie a piece of burlap string around the invite - to reinforce the harvest, farm, food theme, and because then it looked like a pretty little present. 

Despite a few setbacks, these were pretty easy to put together. Now on to the event! :)


  1. Got mine today - I am so excited I was invited - oh, yeah - it's at my house, ha ha. The invitation is awesome. Great job girls.

  2. Yeah Mamma Murren - I'm so excited to have it at the Murren place...the pictures from Alisa's wedding are incredible. Can't wait!

  3. Ooooh oooh oooh I want to move to Spokane and do this with you ladies!

  4. These are SO beautiful!! I am absolutely making something like this for my Autumn party!