August 22, 2010
I love having house guests. Fun dinners, late night talks, culinary adventures, photo shoots, nostalgic storytelling, laughing so hard your abs ache...I just love it. 
As I contemplate welcoming my in-laws this weekend for the first time in our new home, it makes me think of how house guests serve another purpose: they make me get my act together. 

If it weren't for house guests... 

....The piles of unorganized papers, magazines, and other random bits would still be sitting on the dining room table....

....The art room would still have a layer of projects/thread/scissors/tape/fabric swatches/?!?/ etc.covering all horizontal surfaces....

....I'd convince myself that the floors could go another day without cleaning....or sweeping....

....We would eat cereal for dinner....again....

I better stop there. 

Yay for family coming to visit!!!


  1. I feel the same way! I finally organized our basement so I can give you a!

  2. Glad we could help you get stuff done! We love you and are soooo happy we can get together!

  3. Me TOO! I have the hardest time getting people to visit me, though! I'm going to start inviting strangers over so I can have the joy of hosting someone!