The Guest Bed Debacle

August 25, 2010
 So as you know from my previous post on entertaining house guests, we are welcoming Mom and Pop Roy up to Spokane for a long weekend visit. We are so excited - taking them to our favorite spots, going on scenic walks through the park, introducing them to drinking chocolate (!!!) - it's going to be a blast. In preparation for this visit, it was of paramount importance to get the guest room in order. I should say that the guest room is really Matthew's office, but we've adjusted and made room for a nice comfy bed. After hunting down acceptable mattress and boxspring, it was on to the bed frame. Normally this wouldn't be hard for us - the frames at Ikea are pretty good, affordable, and they've got some great designs out right now. 

Then it hit us: we're not in Kansas Sacramento anymore. Long gone are the days when we could spend a Sunday afternoon leisurely strolling the halls of Ikea....we're in Spokane now. And the nearest Ikea is 5+ hours to the West. (Yet another reason to LOVE Seattle.)

Plan B: Craigslist. I'm almost as happy hunting down treasures on Craigslist than trolling through Ikea - I've found some amazing pieces...and a lot of them in the FREE section. One man's trash is another man's....well, I was hoping for bed frame. No luck. But I did find one for $20. Success! 

Or so I thought. 

It broke. I could tell the story...but I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate the use of that many expletives. 

Back to Craigslist - this time we found an even better frame - solid oak, that once I paint white will be splendid! I get it home, drag it into the office, set it up with Matthew, and realize..........WHAT THE?!?!

The bed frame is long. Too long. Like fall-into-the-dark-pit-at-the-end-of-the-bed kind of long. 

At this point I almost cried. But lately our motto has been "You just have to laugh." So we did just that. We laid on our backs and just laughed. After some careful maneuvering, we've got it to where we won't lose the in-laws in the dark pit of despair, and with some cute sheets and pillows - I actually quite like it. 
Moral of the story: never underestimate the insanity that is the Guest Bed!

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  1. It turned out great! Very cozy! I love the bedding!

  2. Very nice colors - warm and cool at the same time - inviting - and looks very comfy. Great touch with the windows open to entice a summer breeze. This is quite cozy and your folks will just love it!

  3. Even though at home we sleep in a King sized bed because of the length of beloved Poppa Roy, he fit very well in your lovely guest bed thanks to the dark-pit-at-the-end-of-the-bed! And we didn't fall in, either! It was so GREAT to spend time together with you!!

  4. Ha, this sounds like our guest room experience! We have a semi-functional antique guest bed, but darn it looks cool in there!! I LOVE your throw pillow!!