Aprons = Awesome

August 31, 2010
Question: Jessica, why do you wear an apron while cleaning the house? Does it help? Keep your clothes clean? Is there any practical reason why you wear one? Is it perhaps whenever you can find the slightest excuse?

Today we're going with the vintage pink - what can I say, I'm feeling extra girly today!
Answer: Aprons = awesome. Not only do I feel like a domestic superhero, but also like a dainty lady - and man, it's like crack to me. And since moving to WA, I'm noticing there's a lot more apron love up here...


  1. Have you seen how much you can carry in those pockets? Better than a man's tool belt and much prettier!

  2. Nice! I recently did a post on kitchen fashion so this post made me smile. Came across your blog and love it.