An Abundance

August 11, 2010
  "She belongs among the wildflowers, she belongs somewhere she feels free." 
-The Time Traveler's Wife 

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend the morning berry picking with MR - up in the lovely farmland of Greenbluff. As we drove NE out of Spokane, the clouds kept getting bigger, the mountains rose up, and suddenly we were hit with the shining beauty of golden wheat fields, orchards bursting with fruit, and more blue sky than you can imagine.

A left turn on a dirt road led us to Knapp's Farm - a quaint and beautiful farm on top of a mountain, drenched in sunshine and awaiting our berry picking baskets. After meeting the owners we were driven out to the far end of the berry crop, and there began out hunt.
 We started off with Tayberries (a blackberry/raspberry hybrid), then found a few (albeit tiny) black raspberries, and then finally the good old red raspberries themselves. After two hours of employing the "MR Method" - kneeling on the ground and looking up, under the bushes in order to find the best berries - we hauled our buckets back to the scales, hands stained purple and big smiles on both of our faces.

 I can't tell you the feeling I got up there on that mountain - free, up in the air, connecting with nature, partaking in the bounty of the crop. I could have spent an entire day up there...the air seemed clearer, cleaner, and the sunshine felt better. I think we got something like 8 pounds of berries, but I'm ready to go back. Had we not been surrounded by other berry-enthusiasts, I probably would have twirled around singing "the hills are alive" a la Julie Andrews.

Upon returning home we were faced with the reality of 8 pounds of berries. So I decided to make another batch of jam, and then flash froze a tray full to help us beat the dullness of winter. This morning we made whole wheat raspberry waffles and we've been snacking on berries since.

Have we had enough?  Well, I suppose I could take a break from berries...but peaches will be ready for the picking in a couple weeks...and I can only imagine the poundage we'll gather from that trip.

Can you tell that I love living in Washington?!

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  1. First and foremost-- GREAT berry-picking outfit. Also, YOU MAKE JAM? That is awesome.