Spokane Update

July 21, 2010
Greetings from Spokane! Yes we've been here a couple weeks now, but I just now feel like we're surfacing from the piles of boxes and grime and dog antibiotics.

On Numi...
The poor little guy had to have another surgery - now his scar is seriously badass. Most of the time he's doped up on pain meds, but still sweet as ever. It's made the transition an interesting one...as his accident happened after we'd been in Spokane an hour, and since then he's been on house arrest, Matthew and I haven't really left the house much. If everything goes well then we've got one more week of recovery and then he gets his sutures removed. Then we're going to EXPLORE!

On the house...
People get excited - we've finally reached a place where this house is habitable! After many bottles of Clorox wipes and buckets of sudsy water, I've transitioned from spending most of my time inside the house to now focusing on the outside. The yard had been neglected for 10 years (!!) so I really have my work cut out for me. Weeding, replanting, hedge-trimming, oh my!

On EWU...
With Numi lazily lounging in the backseat, today we went to EWU to check out the campus and meet with some of the music faculty. Matthew has just found out that he'll be teaching a 5 credit class this fall - Music & Humanities - and it's crazy cool how everyone already seems to know who he is..."oh you're the new pianist, right?" The department chair was personable and real - and knew all about Placerville, which I took as a good sign. :) Matthew is beyond thrilled and is currently working on getting all of his composing, thesis writing, and other recreational music fun out of the way before the real work begins in September.

I've started a new blog - Frequently the woods are pink - where you can see photos of our adventures and life up here in Spokane.

Also, I'm making progress on some of my goals:
1. Make new friends -  canning date with Alisa on Friday! Yay for the domestic goddess that she is, and her willingness to teach me.
2. Get involved in community theatre - Evita auditions are Aug 3rd! Now all we need to do is get a piano so I can practice my audition piece...

More to come!

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