July 27, 2010
Sometimes it's hard to remember that we've only been in our new house for a few weeks. I find myself thinking "where the heck is everything/why isn't everything put away/why are there still boxes!?!" like the house it supposed to be in its perfect state already. And since I've been spending most of my time beating back the weeds in the yard, coming into the house and realizing that yes, it's still a huge disaster zone has not been fun.

The house must be conquered!

With many things on the list (see previous post) it's easy to get overwhelmed by the vastness of the projects that lay before us. And really there hasn't been a place to escape that vast sea of projects as nearly every room is on the list....until NOW!

Check it out after the jump!

I decided that our bedroom should be a tranquil place of rest - a good-night's sleep, a place to read a novel and sip chai tea, a place where I can lay face-down in my fluffy down comforter and scream out my frustrations...

So while I still have a few additions - light fixtures, rugs, window treatments, bedskirt - I love the fact that I can go into our room and feel like things have a place and where rest and relaxation comes naturally.

As our room is uber-tiny, the photos can't really capture all of it...but it will give you an idea!

you can see the edge of Numi's cone... :)


  1. aww it's so cute Jess, I love it!

  2. It IS peaceful in, dear ones, rest.

  3. Love! Can you come make my bedroom look this beautiful? It is all white with just a bed and nothing else! LOL! A clean slate, I guess!

  4. I love it Jess! The color on the walls is awesome