It's Time...

July 5, 2010
1 moving truck

Countless boxes

3 marriage-testing emotional breakdowns

1 life-threatening-wall-o-stuff tidal wave 

Endless glasses of iced tea to combat the scorching heat

Swimming breaks at Martinhaven

Numi's last playdate with neighbor Hardy

Celebrating the 4th of July 

Stress-reducing rounds of Mario Cart with Ryan

Family dinners

8 feet by 8 feet by 9 feet

The truck is loaded. We've got our route. After a few more things to accomplish tomorrow, we will say goodbye to our family and friends and make for the mountains!

I'm still not sure when it will actually feel like we're'd think the big truck and empty house would do it, but despite these things I can't help but feel like we're going on Summer vacation and will return in a week or so.

Here we go!

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