Let's hurry up....and wait

June 18, 2010
 my ode to our little town

It's Friday and we're one week closer to the big move. Last night I couldn't sleep...I just laid there listening to the fan, the flapping plastic (thank you house remodel) and thought about all the brand new things that are waiting for us up in Washington: new house, job, school, friends, mountains, thrift stores, restaurants, church, adventures. I can hardly sit still with the excitement of it all - and albeit the occasional panic attack that somehow everything is going to fall through - I'm fairly accepting of all the unknowns that await us. My coping mechanism is dreaming about new house decor, mentally plotting out my new vegetable garden, and remembering with joy the little Spokane beauties like my delicious Rockwood Bakery latte and scone.

But as we creep closer to our departure, I can't help but be reminded of what we have built and fostered here in Roseville - our family, friends, neighbors, jobs, and our precious church -  things that will not be easy to leave. We have loved our time here, and the people we have been close to. This last week and a half will be spent in fellowship over dinners, outings, and family time. I feel myself wanting to squeeze every little bit of time left out of our family and friends...because I know that once we move, and the dust settles, and the job hunt continues...I will be prone to homesickness. And folks, I get that reeeeal bad.

But for now we're still here, in our familiar little town, with our loved ones, half remodeled house and all. Everything may be in a disarray of boxes and packing materials, but we're trying to enjoy our last little bit of time in the California sun.

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