Happy Monday!

June 21, 2010
Happy Monday folks! I have officially begun my last week at Mercy, and the reality of leaving is still hitting me. Even making my way through the Monday morning traffic brought up a sense of nostalgia - but then I told myself to get a grip and to quit letting my morning commute make me weepy about moving. So many things going on, my head is spinning. In the midst of everything I'm self-medicating by devouring episodes of Bones, leafing through decor books (and consequently dreaming about the new house), and playing with the new camera. Tomorrow I'll post some photos of the newly remodeled house, our adventures with Numi, and some fun shots from around our little town.

Also, check out my new website! I've spent that last few months developing the business plan, website, etc., and am excited to launch
{la lune} events once we relocate to Spokane. It is an event design and coordination outfit that specializes in boutique events - and I'm so excited! It's a way for me to channel my detail-oriented tendencies with my creative passions, and I'm looking forward to exploring the new market that Spokane will provide. Shameless plug: if you're in the Spokane area and would like to inquire about a complimentary events package - please email me at laluneevents@gmail.com!

Tonight it's off to dinner with a dear family friend...and another round of goodbyes. Let the countdown continue!

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  1. I had a great morning of thrifting around Spokane Valley! Can't wait to take you! A few of my finds: lots of white milk glass bud vases and a vintage picnic basket with a complete set of plates, cups, silverware, and some vintage handkercheifs and doilies!