The BIG Day

June 25, 2010

Today's Spokane Countdown is a special's my LAST day at Mercy! Yesterday the marketing team took me out for delicious French food to celebrate my departure and now it's just a matter of wrapping up a few last projects and turning in my badge.

As I was going through all the documents on my computer I cam across some old photos that I had forgotten even existed... like when Numi was a tiny lad:

And when my brother was not only working for Patagonia but modeling for them too:

It makes me realize that I've been here, at this place, for a long time...and I'm going to miss it!

So today is mingled with sadness and excitement...and it even rained. 
(Which I love, by the way - Matthew woke up this morning and said: "look hon, it's raining for you." Ah, love him. )
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. he's still modeling - did you see the wader's video he made a few months ago? classic