To Ventura we go!

Jun 27, 2010

This morning it’s off to Southern California for the Roys – to visit our amazingly sweet Hoskings. We are so thankful to have them in our lives – we could not ask for better family. And the move up North means that we’ll be even further away…but they’re travel bugs, so hopefully they’ll be up […]

Confession: Yes, I realize this is the second consecutive post about ice cream. I’m an adult child of ice cream addiction. Joy the Baker is one of my new favorites to follow…and she’s downright hysterical. Do me a favor – please go read her post It’s Hot. Go Cold. Please just do it, you’ll thank […]

After posting about my last day…and feeling rather down, I immediately came upon this deliciously amazing post via cannelle et vanille – and it made me happy. Check out her wondrous recipes for Butterscotch Smoked Almond, Raspberry Vanilla and Peach Basil frozen treats – don’t they look amazing!? These may be just the ticket to […]

The BIG Day

Jun 25, 2010

Today’s Spokane Countdown is a special one…it’s my LAST day at Mercy! Yesterday the marketing team took me out for delicious French food to celebrate my departure and now it’s just a matter of wrapping up a few last projects and turning in my badge. As I was going through all the documents on my […]

Summer lovin

Jun 23, 2010

I have spent the past few weeks planning a summer soiree to take place this Saturday – and I’m just putting on the finishing touches. Paper lanterns, linens, seating cards, summer bbq, ice cream sandwiches, good friends, cool drinks, and lots of fun! This time of year there is ample online inspiration, and I thought […]

Weekend Fun

Jun 22, 2010

Numi, taking Matthew for a walk  Afternoon playdate Backyard iced coffee with mom  Father’s Day lunch Concert in the park…well you can’t see the concert here, but MR is pretty darn handsome…  …and the swinging of cute little monkeys named  Kyra and Ryan Busy, yet blissful.

Happy Monday!

Jun 21, 2010

Happy Monday folks! I have officially begun my last week at Mercy, and the reality of leaving is still hitting me. Even making my way through the Monday morning traffic brought up a sense of nostalgia – but then I told myself to get a grip and to quit letting my morning commute make me […]

 my ode to our little town It’s Friday and we’re one week closer to the big move. Last night I couldn’t sleep…I just laid there listening to the fan, the flapping plastic (thank you house remodel) and thought about all the brand new things that are waiting for us up in Washington: new house, job, […]

Again with me and identifying inanimate objects as female…but whatever. The new camera is here! No longer will we have to fight our stubborn sometimes-I’ll-flash-but-sometimes-I-won’t-camera! No longer will be have to spend 10 minutes editing a picture just to get it to look “okay.” No longer will our pictures look like we gave the camera […]

Cooking Trick

Jun 17, 2010

As much as I love to cook, bake, and generally experiment in the kitchen, I am painfully unaware of some basic culinary idioms. Today I’ll admit to this one: I’m never sure how many cups are in a quart, ounces in a cup, etc., etc. As I read this post on The Kitchn, my head […]