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April 19, 2010
Have you seen the movie The Hangover? While not normally my favorite film genre, I thought the movie was hysterical. Basic premise: Four guys, bachelor party, Vegas, pure shenanigans, day before the wedding. Not to give too much away, but the opening scene is a classic man moment: stuck out in the desert, day of the wedding, making the call to the anxious bride, breaking the news that they might not make it back for the wedding…yeah. As hilarious as it was, I couldn’t help but put myself in the bride’s shoes…and came to the conclusion that I would kill him.
Thankfully this is not what happened to me on my wedding day, so therefore I’m able to laugh at the craziness that is The Hangover.
Right now you’re probably wondering why on earth I’m yabbering on about this….well, let me tell you.
My husband is going on a trip.
A man trip.
Across the country.
On Thursday he flies out to Georgia, where he’ll meet his brother Nathan for the Roadtrip-to-end-the-Ages. In all of 5 days these two guys are going to move all of Nathan’s belongings out here to California, where he is relocating for the Air force.
Since the initial decision to plan this trip, I’ve heard things like “yeah, we’re not sure where we’ll sleep” and “we may have to pull 12 hour days” and other assorted tidbits that make me feel….less than assured that they’ll make it back in one piece.
I suppose all I can do is arm him with directions, plane tickets, cell phone charger, and a kiss – and hopes that he returns in one piece. {And then plan my own adventure for while he's gone... :) }
And as my sister Kaitlyn puts it: if things get crazy, 
he’ll have some awesome stories to tell.

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