A not-so-manic Monday

April 12, 2010
First off, we've had an amazing past few days. Greatest. Weekend. Ever. (Just you wait for the photos...)
There is truly nothing better than spending time with those that you love. 
We were so sad to leave our darling family of four in Ventura and head back to Roseville...
but alas, real life was calling us back. 
Normally I'd expect the day after to feel....well, not as blissful as the previous four. And it wasn't as great (come on, without a Landon 5 am wake up call, or a Hosking photo shoot, the day just isn't the same...) but it was surprisingly good. Great start, middle, and end - and I even managed a trip to the gym, a homemade/delicious/veggie filled dinner (in part thanks to my hubs) and a few relaxing moments on the couch watching our beloved Netflix. Oh and because I managed not to indulge in a fistful of Krispy Kreme donuts off the marketing "snack station" I think I deserve extra brownie points. Or just a brownie.
Yeah, I'll take the brownie.
It's been a good day.

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