Make the Postman blush

April 7, 2010

I think this is such a fun idea, and a clever twist on the ManPacks sensation. Panty By Post is a monthly subscription program where you receive an adorable pair of knickers in the mail… in a beautiful package no less. You can pick what style/color, etc, you like, or you can let them surprise you. They also have men’s briefs, if your man will let you sign him up…sadly, my Matthew will not.
For $30 a month PBP will send you two pairs of undies, but they have packages to suit all needs – 1 pair a month all the way up to the Premium Package for you undaroo enthusiasts. All of their products are made by Blush, a Canadian lingerie company and their men’s line is made from organic bamboo. 
This just reinforces my love of Canadians.

4 said something:

  1. Very cute idea! Love the little clothesline picture.

  2. That just made me giggle out much fun!

  3. where do you find this stuff? and i love the word "underoo"

    excited to see you tomorrow!!

  4. I'm canadian + have never heard of it! Must check it out.. thanks! Loved my stop by your blog, new follower! xo



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