Make the Postman blush

April 7, 2010

I think this is such a fun idea, and a clever twist on the ManPacks sensation. Panty By Post is a monthly subscription program where you receive an adorable pair of knickers in the mail… in a beautiful package no less. You can pick what style/color, etc, you like, or you can let them surprise you. They also have men’s briefs, if your man will let you sign him up…sadly, my Matthew will not.
For $30 a month PBP will send you two pairs of undies, but they have packages to suit all needs – 1 pair a month all the way up to the Premium Package for you undaroo enthusiasts. All of their products are made by Blush, a Canadian lingerie company and their men’s line is made from organic bamboo. 
This just reinforces my love of Canadians.


  1. Very cute idea! Love the little clothesline picture.

  2. That just made me giggle out much fun!

  3. where do you find this stuff? and i love the word "underoo"

    excited to see you tomorrow!!

  4. I'm canadian + have never heard of it! Must check it out.. thanks! Loved my stop by your blog, new follower! xo