Happy Birthday Landon!

April 15, 2010
Admittedly the blog has been a bit, well, heavy on the cuteness-that-is-Landon this week...but get ready for another dose because today is his First Birthday!

In honor of our nephew’s big day, here are a few lovely ideas to celebrate the big 1!

Petite French Bakery Theme VIA

A teapot inspired theme VIA

Milk & Cookies Theme VIA

Circus Theme VIA

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! We love you :)


  1. Love that Landon's birthday got it's own post!

  2. How about the snotty nose theme? That would be perfect!

  3. Perhaps a theme relating to paying taxes? Like you could set money on fire on the cake instead of candles?? Just a thought.

  4. HA! David that's hilarious - I love it. Perhaps next year...