April 20, 2010
Well, friends, I’ve got some news. Matthew, Numi and I will be relocating to Spokane, Washington come July! Matthew has been accepted to Eastern Washington University where he will be working towards his Master’s degree in Music Education – all with a full scholarship, no less. We feel so blessed – after years of traveling down different paths towards various schools, programs, and degrees, this opportunity truly resonates with us as the right situation. While he will still be focusing on piano performance in some fashion, his emphasis will likely be in the area of musicology. {He is hardcore music-nerd material – check him out.}

While this is amazing and exciting news, it does mean quite the upheaval from what we’ve built here in Roseville: having a close network of family all within driving distance; our jobs and the wonderful people we work with; our church family and musicians – it will be hard to leave this place and those we love behind. I feel like my brain can’t totally wrap around it all, and I oscillate between extreme excitement for our new adventures and pangs of anxiety at leaving my family, friends, and job.

But when I get down to it, my husband has been given an opportunity to further his passions – and I couldn’t be more thankful, excited, and totally on board. More updates and details to come in the next few weeks!

Bonus: Numi will finally get to meet the snow…


  1. Jessica also has plans for making Spokane into a cute city, finally.

    I have plans for giving their future children firearms.

  2. Wow! How exciting for you! I can imagine that Spokane will be much different from California. I love "Soap Chicken's" comment! Haha - there are a few cute areas of Spokane that I'll have to let you in on. Have you ever been up here?