Beauties, a la Liz Levins

April 22, 2010

I first spotted this sidetable while leafing through a prized copy of Domino magazine {RIP} in search of a creative way to cluster mirrors for a living room project. But the mirrors were the last thing on my mind when I laid my eyes on this graceful tiered beauty and I immediately began the search for where I could get one for myself. But alas! Nowhere to be found. This was probably 2 years ago, but today my friends I have found it! And yes, the $425 price tag is a bit disappointing…but no matter. At least I now know it has a home, and if I ever want to spend an extravagant amount of money on a sidetable…well, I’ll just head on over to Liz Levins.

While perusing her site, I came across these other must-have pieces:

Aren't these lovely?

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  1. I need that couch! (And I also need the $2000 or so it probably cost!)