Anthro vs. Grandma

April 17, 2010

On our recent trip to Ventura, Anna and I had great time thrifting around town in search of housewares and really anything else that struck our fancy. {You can read about some of our finds over here.} I love thrifting - there's something about the search, the hunt, through all the random bits of other people's discarded lives, and then that moment when you pull something out from under a broken chair, or realize you've come across an authentic antique -'s magical. However I'm starting to notice a trend in how I thrift, and was encouraged to hear that Anna resonates - I tend to come upon items that catch my eye and wonder " this Anthropologie....or Grandma?" Housewares, jewelry, art, really anything can walk that fine line between something from the pages of an Anthro catalog or something you'd find in the back room of your Grandmother's house.

But I've come to this conclusion: it really doesn't matter. Anna found this unique green and gold bird that we both looked at and questioned for a few minutes...but regardless of it's origin, in the end we liked it. We thought it looked cool. It's now in her living room, and it looks great!

I think you have to own it - whether it be wearing a thrifted dress that "walks the fine line" or something you've just picked up from the mall - I'm learning that if you like it, it's your style. When we start letting the pages of a catalog solely dictate our style or design choices, then we're limiting our true potential. I'm learning to be less uptight about what something "is" and just going for it!


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  1. True, so true. My style is less grandma and more great-great-great-great grandma - faded book spines, tattered acid paper, the musty aroma of mildew. WWDD?