One Busy Lady

Apr 30, 2010

Hello friends! Can you tell that I’ve been busy?! With my husband out of town and major events at work, my days have been long and crazy. I have had a chance to start some fun projects, and will post some pictures soon. I did get to see Matthew for a brief time in between […]

I'm a Gleek

Apr 24, 2010

Had to post this Glee Flashmob – love it!

It’s Friday!

Apr 23, 2010

With Matthew gone for the next 6 days {at the very least} I’ve gone crazy with planning DIY projects. Try some of these out for yourself! * Mustard and Sage has a few fun DIY ideas… * Polymer clay stamped gift tags via Poppytalk. * Fabric Button rings from Smashed Peas & Carrots. * Personalized […]

I first spotted this sidetable while leafing through a prized copy of Domino magazine {RIP} in search of a creative way to cluster mirrors for a living room project. But the mirrors were the last thing on my mind when I laid my eyes on this graceful tiered beauty and I immediately began the search […]


Apr 21, 2010

Well, friends, I’ve got some news. Matthew, Numi and I will be relocating to Spokane, Washington come July! Matthew has been accepted to Eastern Washington University where he will be working towards his Master’s degree in Music Education – all with a full scholarship, no less. We feel so blessed – after years of traveling […]

On My Mind

Apr 19, 2010

Have you seen the movie The Hangover? While not normally my favorite film genre, I thought the movie was hysterical. Basic premise: Four guys, bachelor party, Vegas, pure shenanigans, day before the wedding. Not to give too much away, but the opening scene is a classic man moment: stuck out in the desert, day of […]

Anthro vs. Grandma

Apr 17, 2010

VIA On our recent trip to Ventura, Anna and I had great time thrifting around town in search of housewares and really anything else that struck our fancy. {You can read about some of our finds over here.} I love thrifting – there’s something about the search, the hunt, through all the random bits of […]

Admittedly the blog has been a bit, well, heavy on the cuteness-that-is-Landon this week…but get ready for another dose because today is his First Birthday! In honor of our nephew’s big day, here are a few lovely ideas to celebrate the big 1! Petite French Bakery Theme VIA A teapot inspired theme VIA Milk & […]

Little Surprises

Apr 15, 2010

Our family friend {and design extraordinaire} Katie Walters always says that you need to have something that surprises you in a room: a bold pattern, funky lamp, some detail that pops and delights the eye. I always tend to play it safe, not wanting to *heaven forbid* clash with other room elements, but I’m growing […]

So as you know from my previous post, I’ve been getting back into my projects – this round with woodblock printing and stenciling. I went through my small stash of supplies pretty quick, and had to order more online. (Okay, venting moment: why is it that no art store within 20 miles even knows what […]