Spring has Sprung!

March 20, 2010
Here in Northern CA things are starting to look up - weather wise that is. Normally a Seattle-weather-sort-of-gal, I am actually looking towards the summer months with anticipation and longing. It's been very rainy, foggy, and dreary for awhile now...but I'm happy to say that today we're boasting a high temp of 
78 degrees (crazy, i know) and sunshine. Yes!

With the arrival of better weather I am confronted with the dreary state of my wardrobe, and have thus resolved to making some Spring updates. I always do this...arrive at the next season with the realization that I somehow have accumulated only heavy knit sweaters for summer, or have shorts and flowy tops for winter...not quite sure how it happens...

 This Spring I am all about dresses - I love that with a dress all you have to do is grab a pair of cute shoes, throw on a bit of jewelry, and you have an outfit. No worries about tops vs. bottoms, clashing patterns, etc. So easy. Check out the latest and greatest from Anthro:

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