I Heart Chickens and a SJR Update

March 15, 2010
Growing up we had an amazing chicken house. The front door was a mural of chicken adventures (parachuting, among them) and my sister and I would fight about who got to go out in the morning and check for eggs. Talk about exciting – early morning, shuffling outside to the coop, opening the door very slowly so you wouldn’t hit a beloved chicken, standing on tip toes and peering into their little beds…and then you spot one! And then you realize it’s not one, but two! Oh happy day.

Lately I’ve been thinking about someday having an amazing chicken house of my very own…but then I remember Numi,  our lovable yet very rambunctious black lab, and I have visions of chicken harassment. (Chicks are friends, not food!) It’s possible – I say to myself - we could introduce Numi to the baby chicks in a safe setting, then they could get to know each other…and eventually become best friends. And snuggle together in the sunshine on the back lawn. And provide for many hilarious photo opportunities.

Aside from adorable animals, raising chickens for their delicious, organic, fresh eggs sounds fun. Sounds like work (I remember how dirty the chicken coop could get…) but fun. And delicious. Just hearing Kathy go on about how she’s inundated with farm fresh eggs makes me want to cook and consume immediately make quiches, souffl├ęs, omelets, fried eggs, egg in tomato sauce, and the like.

A couple things to pique your interest:

Read Still Life With Chickens by Catherine Goldhammer. It chronicles her journey through divorce, moving into a project home with her young daughter, heck, moving on in general, and her crusade to raise mentally sound chickens. I read this about 2 years ago, and LOVED it. Hilarious, poignant, and quirky – go find yourself a copy!

 Check out Heather’s chicken mansion– clearly she has some love for her adorable baby chicks. I see endless possibilities in creating the perfect hen house – and I’d have to have a mural door. It would be heresy not to. 

 And Finally - the SJR (See Jess Run) Update! 
It's like Saturday Update! (SNL fans, anyone?) 
Admittedly not as funny.

Okay, so if you missed my previous post, I'm signed up for a half marathon in 2.5 months. And for those of you snickering in the back - I feel great about it! Today I eased back into training with a 2 mile run on the bike trail with Matthew. Waaaay better than going to the gym, and a delight to discover that something so beautiful exists in the heart of our little town. I was pleased, that even after 2 weeks of being sick/out of commission, I felt great. Albeit tired, but really good. The two miles flew by as Matthew and I chatted about our days and kept up a decent pace. I'm SO glad to be getting back into training and to have an end goal again.


  1. That trail is gorgeous and it was so much fun to explore it with you! Your shades make you look hot, too!

  2. Love your blog and, oh, love that background on there! If that would have been on background fairy's site back when I was choosing one, I would have picked that one! I'm just nutty over polka dots.

    I practically swooned over Heather Bullard's chicken coop when I saw it yesterday morning. I asked my husband to build me one just like that and he laughed :)

  3. Matthew - I do know how to rock a pair of sunglasses... :) Thanks for being my running partner!

    Sophia's - Thanks! I stumbled upon your blog this morning, and am so glad.

    In regards to the chicken mansion...I think my husband suspects that this is a temporary fixation, so he's pretty much in agreement. We'll see what he says when I bring home the chicks.. :)