Health Monster

March 4, 2010
I've always been a pretty healthy person. Never had bad allergies, only a few broken bones (ok, just my ankle...more than once), and just recently avoided having my first foray into oral surgery-land as it turns out I really do need my wisdom teeth. But since the start of the year I've had a laundry list of health concerns arise...weird hormonal imbalances, suspicious patches of skin, and other random problems that have made me feel more like a post menopausal senior than the mid-twenties girlie that I am. Luckily I love my doctor, because she and I are practically best friends. Anyhow, I'm here at home, foggy-headed and pink-nosed with a nasty chest/head cold, and I'm struck with the realization: I am so thankful for my health. I could have serious problems like cancer, diabetes, MS, or severe, crippling depression - like so many people I've known. It's so easy for me to get bummed out when I have a cold or antibiotics every few hours or have to take time off work. And for the record, it's not fun. But I'm struck with how lucky I am all the rest of the time, that I'm able to live the life I do in good health.

Here's to Kathy's chicken soup,vitamins, green tea, and meds galore!

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