March 5, 2010
After reading my Sister-in-Law’s post about her gorgeous cupcakes, I felt truly inspired. 

Not only were they beautiful, but looked dang delicious too.

As Anna said: Smoores + cupcakes = JOY IN MY HEART. As I clicked on her “get the recipe” link, I had no idea how head-over-heels I would fall into cupcake land.

To clarify, I’m normally not a cupcake person for the singularly embarrassing fact that whenever I eat one the frosting ends up on my face. Allll over my face. Do I try and eat like a lady? Yes. For me, frosting-face is unavoidable. A small saucer and fork for me, please.

But into cupcake land I fell. Lemon Meringue, Vanilla Bean, Devils Food, Polka-Dotted, frosted goodness. And since a certain husband of mine is celebrating a milestone birthday this weekend…I may just have to give in, make him a tower of 25, and celebrate! Frosting-face style.

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  1. YUM! I could see this turning to a cycle - after looking at those pics I'm ready to try another batch myself.
    I love that you are a frosting face. :) I end up with half of the cupcake in crumbs down my shirt! Can't wait to see you