I'm on Meds

January 7, 2010

 I thought I had made it through the entire Holiday Season without getting sick, and I suppose I did...until now, that is.
My view for the past couple days: my trusty mug of green tea. How many of these have I consumed within the past 48 hours? Let's just say that you'd be amazed.

Numi has been keeping me company. He likes to nap, so we've been getting along splendidly.

And there's the kettle.
I hope everyone else is feeling healthy and enjoying their first few days of January!

1 said something:

  1. I am loving your last few blog posts. Particularly the one about the flea market - so funny!

    Loving the mug that you drink your green tea from. Anthropologie?

    And LOVE the FarmChicks link. What a fun site!



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