Alameda Flea Market and Diane Keaton Sighting

January 3, 2010


Up at 4:45 a.m., pick up Kathy.

Drive to the bay; have great conversation with Kathy.

Peruse the Alameda Flea Market for 7 hours;
purchase a huge mirror and small bamboo table.

Dismiss Kathy's enthusiastic claims that she has seen
Diane Keaton at the next booth, which is dubious.

Spot Diane Keaton myself; apologize to Kathy; tell her she is not senile.

Stare in disbelief as Diane Keaton apporaches Kathy with a question.

Apologize again to Kathy for previous lack-of-faith in her
celebrity-spotting capabilities.

Watch Kath's best friend Katie purchase everything under the sun
that fits the description:"Mid-Century Modern"
and watch her pack it all into the back of her truck.

(Commend her husband Rich for being such a good guy.
And for doing the packing.)

Great conversation and afternoon coffee with Kathy during return car ride.

Arrive back home, exhausted and happy.

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