O Christmas Tree

December 14, 2009

December has just flown by this year. What were just the first-of-December exclamations of joy are now the wow-we’re-less-than-10-days-until Christmas jitters, and I’m already planning for 2010. To kick off our Christmas season the right way, Matthew and I purchased our lovely tree the day after Thanksgiving, much to the chagrin of some. (I’m happy to report that our tree has proved all the naysayers wrong: not a single bit of it has fallen lifeless to the ground, but rather it remains strong, beautiful, and very green.) The poinsettias arrived the next day, looking bright and cheery, and with the addition of a few festively wrapped presents—we had officially embraced the Christmas Season.
 Thankfully Numi has shown no interest in the tree, the electrical cords, or any of our wrapped gifts. This was a major concern at first, but we are pleased that he seems interested only in his plastic yellow bone and bully sticks. (Please don’t ask what a bully stick is—you will be unsettled by my explanation.)
While we will miss seeing some of the family (namely our favorite nephew and his ultra-cool parents), we are excited to head down to Fresno and Los Angeles to spend time with both of our families over the next couple weeks. With many things on the 2010 horizon, we are taking this time to reflect on this past year, spend time with loved ones, and spread as much holiday cheer as possible!

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  1. someone's got some photography skills! love the tree. laughed at the bully sticks - i remember you telling us about those! we too are super bummed about missing you this christmas. we should meet up in slo for a weekend soon.

    ps. somehow we have you fooled into thinking we're cool. i just can't figure out how we've done it...