I love this time of year...

November 5, 2009
Can you believe it's November? I feel like we were just lamenting over the 100 degree heat, refusing to use the oven, and worrying about Numi overheating in our field of a backyard.. But suddenly the leaves are that wonderful mixture of golds, red, and dark purples, and the air is crisp and smells like cinnamony-firewood . (Okay, in reality I think the smell is actually emanating from multiple controlled burns in my neighborhood, but whatever.) I have tried out a few new soup recipes, baked some cookies, and actually turned the heat on! Halloween 2009 was quite a bit of fun: our Waldo/Wanda outfits got rave reviews, we handed out candy at the Donner house with Kath, and watched the timeless classic Hocus Pocus. Numi wore a lovely orange T-Shirt, and loved every minute of it. :)

Here are some other pictures from our recent adventures:

Thanks again Josh for letting us crash at your place on our marathon trip to SB!
It's always good to see this guy... :)

Our beautiful nephew Landon!

Visiting Westmont

Piano project

  Numi's first Halloween! 

Happy Fall everyone!

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  1. Not Landon's best photo, but cute anyways. I can't believe we didn't take any photos while you were here! So bummed.

    I LOVE the costumes - such a good idea! You two are so cute.