All good things

October 15, 2009
A lot has happened in the recent weeks. Highlights include:

Care Begins With Me was such a success! We had a great turn out at the Sheraton (we're still waiting for the final numbers, but somewhere between 700--800 women) and overall the event went smoothly. Kelly Corrigan was phenomenal; so inspiring, hilarious, and down to earth. I am so glad to have such a huge event under my belt, and it made my night to have Kathy attend. Here are a few pics of the splendor:

With CBWM now behind us, I feel like we're able to get back to more of our normal routine. We took our first trip up to Apple Hill, and for once it wasn't freezing cold or drizzly. We visited old standbys like Grandpa's Cellar (shout out to my first job!), Boa Vista, and few other small ones of which I can't remember the names. We steered clear of High Hill and the other monster farms, but just driving past brought back memories of all five of us kids with our caramel apples, Jenna on the pony rides, my brothers down at the fishing pond, and my dad buying boxes of apple doughnuts, his favorite.  This year we returned with apples, pumpkins, pomegranates, apple turnovers, and an apple pie.

We also took our first roadtrip in ages down to the bay area to visit the Weber Aunts and Uncles for my cousin Jonah's first birthday. It was great! We met at a park in Sunnyvale and celebrated with classic birthday party food and fun.

Our next stop: this weekend to see RJ and Anna! To quote the Hoskings....WE ARE SO STOKED!

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